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How to Properly Wash a Sports Jersey

Sports Jerseys can have high value, especially if they are rare and hard to find. Proper care will help them last a long time and allow you to re-sell.

Tip 1: Don't wash your jerseys with other clothes like jeans or t-shirts. Wash your jerseys with other jerseys only. Wash colored jerseys with colored jerseys. Wash white jerseys with white jerseys.

Tip 2: Turn your jersey inside out when washing. This will help preserve the stitch sewn letters and logos. Wash in cold water only.

Tip 3: Baseball jerseys should be un-buttoned to prevent the buttons from breaking during the wash. We also remove the laces from Hockey Jerseys that have them.

Tip 4: Wash on gentle cycle. If the jersey has got some extra dirt, then regular cycle is ok. Hand washing is fine too.

Tip 5: Always hang dry your jerseys. Polyester dries very quickly, so no need to use a dryer. The fabric is designed that way to let sweat from athletes evaporate quickly. High heat in the dryer will wreck your jersey, causing it to shrink and make wrinkles around the stitch sewn areas. Low heat will work, but we recommend always hang drying. Use a smooth plastic hanger or thick wooden hanger, so you don't get bumps around the shoulders.

Tip 6: Do Not Use Bleach and Do Not Iron

Tip 7: If you do get a stain, be sure to pre-treat it ASAP. You can try the salt and club soda method to remove the stain.

1. Blot fresh stain to soak up excess liquid.
2. Sprinkle stained area liberally with salt
3. Pour club soda or seltzer water over stained area.
4. Leave soda and salt on the stained area for a few hours or overnight.
5. Re-blot area to soak up excess water.
6. Sweep area to remove salt.

7. Wash with the information above


We invite you to ask yourself the question: How do I like to wear my hockey jersey?


Hockey jerseys have come a long way from the old school days of the tight fitting hockey sweaters. This was before advanced protective gear was even worn. Most players didn't even wear helmets.


Notice how large the shoulder protection gear is underneath Sidney Crosby's Team Canada jersey.

Sylvester Stallone rocking a Philadelphia Flyers jersey. Less baggy than Kevin Smith's jersey, but still lots of room. Notice the 3/4 sleeve length on this jersey.

Lil Wayne in a tighter fit 3/4 sleeve Vancouver Canucks jersey

Rihanna in an Ottawa Senators hockey jersey. Ladies that plan on wearing jerseys as a dress, should consider the top to bottom measurement. Ladies can wear any one of the many jerseys we offer like this.


The legend, Gordie Howe, in a tight fitting New England Whalers jersey.

Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off wearing a tighter fitting Red Wings jersey, much like Gordie Howe in the Whalers jersey. Notice the 3/4 sleeve length, which is appropriate for actual game used jerseys. The players wear protective gloves that extend up the forearm.

David Letterman in this Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. Here we see a nice fit and again the 3/4 sleeve length.

Michael Jordan in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey. A nice loose fit with the sleeves coming all the way to the wrist. This is the most popular way to wear a hockey jersey.


This lady looks great in "The Great One's" Edmonton Oilers jersey.

In this picture, we see Gordie Howe in a much looser fitting Detroit Vipers jersey. In the modern times, the jerseys got bigger to accommodate the advanced protective gear that is worn underneath.

Do you like to wear big baggy hockey jerseys? Here Kevin Smith is shown wearing his oversized jersey. Guys that are slightly overweight, find that large jerseys help conceal the extra weight and they are comfortable in it.

Musician, Glenn Fry, in a tight fitting Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. We can see he rolled up his sleeves here.

Here is a Chicago Blackhawks jersey that is not too baggy, but the sleeves are a bit longer going past the wrists. If you wear your jersey like this, then be sure to give us a sleeve length that accounts for this extra length.

Snoop Dogg wearing a Springfield Indians hockey jersey. Here the fit is loose enough to wear a hoody sweatshirt underneath. So if you plan to wear like this style, please order 1-2 sizes above your actual size.

Here are some tips to get a jersey that fits just the way you want. If you already own a perfect fitting jersey, just copy these measurements specs and send them to your vendor. They can help create the same size jersey.

If this is your first time buying a hockey jersey, then here are some tips to get the right size.

1. Chest Measurement. Find a shirt that fits you and lay it flat on the ground. Measure the distance (A) of left side to right side, at the rib cage, on the shirt. Double that to get your chest measurement. For example an 18 inch wide shirt would be a size 36 inch chest. You can add 4-8 inches to get a more loose or baggy fit. Order a 40 inch chest if you want the jersey to be loose. People that play recreational street hockey and ice hockey, should order larger- so that their gear will fit underneath the jersey. Most vendors will make a proportionate sized jersey just from the chest measurement.

2. Sleeve Length. From the pictures above, you can determine if 3/4 sleeve or full length sleeve is right for you. Measure from the center of the neck to the wrist (C) to get a jersey that fits like the one in the Michael Jordan picture. Add 2-3 inches for when the fabric retracts, when the elbows bend. If you are going to wear your jersey solely as a fashion statement, then be sure to get this measurement correct.

3. Top to Bottom. This measurement will determine where the bottom of the jersey ends. Measure the top of the shirt to the bottom of the shirt (B). Do you want the jersey to cover half of your butt or all of it? Ladies, this measurement can help you create that dress look.


Check out our shop for a wide selection of hockey jerseys. We do custom sewn names and numbers on your jerseys. We also do custom sizing. Just let us know the measurement specs above to get that perfect fitting jersey. Chest Measurement can be selected in the dropdown menu. You can add Name and Number information in the special form, when added to the cart. Be sure to add B & C Measurements to this form, so we can get your size just right.